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Introductory/Welcome Video:

Week 1:  7/6-7/10
  (see bottom of page for instructions)

(Grades K-3)                                           (Grades 4-8) 
Day 1 - Hopscotch

Day 2 - Jump Roping 

 Day 3 - Intro to Yoga 

 Day 4 - Hula hooping 

Day 5 - Workout 

Week 2:  7/13-7/17

(Grades K-3)                                           (Grades 4-8)

Day 1 - Yo-yoing

Day 2 - J

Day 3 - Yoga


Day 4 - Red light, Green light/ Mother, May I


Day 5 - Workout


Week 3:  7/20-7/24

(Grades K-3)                                           (Grades 4-8)

Day 1- Jump roping (continued)                                   

Day 2- Side walk chalk obstacle course

Day 3- Yoga

Day 4- hula hooping (continued)


Day 5- Workout


Week 4:  7/27-7/31

(Grades K-3)                                           (Grades 4-8)

Day 1- Cats Cradle 

Day 2- Tag games

Day 3- Yoga

Day 4- Sidewalk chalk games

Day 5- Workout

Week 5:  8/3-8/7

(Grades K-3)                                           (Grades 4-8)

Day 1- Cats cradle (continued)

Day 2- Frisbee games

Day 3- Yoga
Day 4- Water balloon games

Day 5- Workout


Week 6:  8/10-8/14

(Grades K-3)                                  (Grades 4-8)

Day 1- Cats cradle (continued)

Day 2- Sharks and minnows/4-square

Day 3- Yoga                                               

Day 4- Minute-to-win-it games

Day 5- Workout

Week 1: Day 1- Hop scotch
The first video listed under Week 1: Day 1 is a tutorial on how to play a regular game of hopscotch that you can easily add more numbers on to and make the game more fun once you get the hang of the original game.

The second video listed under Week 1: Day 1 is an example of how you could expand the game of hopscotch using your imagination to make the game more advanced.

Week 1: Day 2- Jump Roping
The first video under Week 1: Day 1- Jump Roping (easy) is the first step to learning how to jump rope. As shown in the video, make sure you wear the right shoes to jump in and are in big, open space before yout start. Taken your time getting the timing of your jump right before moving on to actually jumping rope by shadow jumping.

The second and third video under Week 1:Day 1- Hula hooping (intermediate) and (advanced) review the essentials to jumping rope while also moving on to easy and more advanced tricks you can do once you've got the basic jump down.

Week 1:Day 3- Intro to Yoga
For the videos under day 3- yoga make sure you are wearing workout clothes that are comfortable and you can stretch in. If you can, find a spot where you will not slip if you do not own a yoga mat and make sure you are in a wide open space

Week 1: Day 4- Hula hooping
For week 1: Day 4- hula hooping (K-3) this is a lesson on how to begin hula hooping correctly if you do not already know. if you do know how to hula hoop I hope you still take time to watch the video to make sure you are doing it correctly.

For the video under week 1: Day 4- hula hooping (4-8) this is for those who already know how to hula hoop around their waist and this video is the first trick to learn beyond the standard hula hooping.

Week 1: Day 5- workout
For the videos under Week 1:Day 5- workout make sure that you're in an open space with plenty of room to move and stretch. Also, make sure to wear stretchy clothes and sneakers to do the workout. Having a bottle of water and something to eat before you start the workout is also really important before you begin.

Week 2: Day 1- Yo-yoing
For the videos under Week 2: Day- Yo-yoing these videos teach you everything you need to know about yo-yoing from how to hold and throw the yo-yo and starting to learn some tricks.

Make sure you have plenty of room to do the activity.

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